We consider our meals to be a feast, and we serve everything to the center of the table for sharing, family-style. To us, guests come to have a fun night out, to socialize and to enjoy the variety of flavors. So we ask you to select a common and single dining experience for everyone at your table, choose your drink, and relax.
Lunch / Afternoon Service
Reservations are available from 12:30-3:30pm

Farmers’ Meal

A selection of cut, a hot side and salad, for 85 NIS or 100 NIS, depending on the cut you select.


The Fifth Feast

Includes five cuts, all the hot additions and salads. A 15% discount is given on the business lunch fifth meal - 150 NIS.

Evening / Night Service
Reservations are available for
First Round from 18:30 / 18:45 or
Second Round from 21:15 / 21:30

Our evening service begins around 6:30pm. Our night service begins around 9:30pm. Each round of service takes about two and a half hours.


Our evening/night service offers three types of feasts; each includes a different amount of meat or alcohol. All feasts come with all of our hot sides and salads. Service is family-style, to the center of the table, and meant for sharing. Each table chooses the same feast and the meats are served gradually. Feasts are NIS 175-275 per guest, depending on the feast you select.

We have beef, lamb and different poultry. The meats and the sides served are carefully selected by our feast-master who is ensures accurate preparation and a rich variety within the feast you choose.