The Water Element


We understand your need for an unforgettable, indulgent experience – whether around a big table set for nine or more guests or whether at a private occasion, a family affair or a business event; whether at the restaurant, in your own backyard, or out in nature. We will offer you a memorable event such as the Knights’ Banquet or the Ma’ashena Feast.

It is also possible to order smoke meats by weight for your own event or even order cuts for your Shabbat or holiday meal.


Ziv believes that a meal in HAMA'ASHENA is a meal in which the guests enjoy a sharing, comfortable and long hosting. The HAMA'ASHENA Kitchen is a conceptual kitchen that combines flavors and raw materials from our country's land, served in a pleasant and unpretentious style. The meals are accompanied by a boutique wine menu from the best of our country's wineries. In addition, we have over 20 flavors of spicy homemade Arak. The variety changes and every guest you are expected to taste what is prepared in real time, we smoke between 10 and 14 different pieces of beef, lamb and goose. We host regular tours (lunch, evening and night). During the hosting phase, we will offer you the opportunity to deposit the cellular phone and concentrate on socializing. The staff will bring to your table plenty of delicacies from the chimney. All you need to do is just to coordinate the arrival and enjoy the experience.