Before modern times, it was said that the universe was made of four elements: fire, water, earth and wind. HAMA’ASHENA” (The “Smoker” in Hebrew) was founded on those four elements.

The spirit of the place

The Spirit Element

HAMA’ASHENA is ranked as one of the five best smoked foods restaurants in Israel. It is a small place in the heart of the Sharon with a unique air and magical atmosphere. Ziv, the owner, is a feast-master and restaurateur with an urge for creativity, passion for meat, and for hospitality. 

With the help of his talented father, the two designed and built over seven kinds of cooking tools which remain loyal to old smoking techniques: smokers in the restaurant and in the garden, a fish smoker, an underground smoker, and a grill for special events where we smoke a whole lamb (and we still have more plans…). All the tools are make use of iron, wood and live fire.


(The Smoker) –

An Ancient Tool

The Earth Element 

The smoker is a wooden vessel, which allows control over temperature and the smoke inside. The flavor of the meat changes according to the length of the smoking process, the type of wood burned, and the amount of smoke entering the vessel. This technique is based on “low and slow” and it creates wonderful earthy flavors and aromas that technology and industry have faded away. Meat smoking is a long and slow process that requires a lot of attention and precision. Thanks to the experience we have gained, we fit each cut of meat with a unique brine and rub that enhance and complement each and every cut, and we make sure it is perfectly done. In the smokers, we smoke, roast, toast and cook a variety of meats, vegetables, roots and fruits. We sever you the same quality in different types of events, whether at the restaurant, at concept evenings, or private events.

Whether you’re already smokers, or want to start getting hooked, we invite you to join our club on Facebook.

The Spark

The Fire Element

In 2013, Ziv returned to Israel from the United States, where he was exposed to the practice of smoking, which he investigated and studies to the bone. What began as a hobby in homemade meals for family and friends, went on to become a creative catering where Ziv developed his own signature style. Soon the occasional meal rolled around as a mobile smoker for private events. At the time, Ziv also held concept nights for carnivores, those of discerning tastes and others who like to have fun: the Knights’ Banquet, the Ma’ashena Feast, a Shabbat picnic in the woods, and the surprise meal. Ziv was ahead of his time and created a pop-up restaurant of a mysterious meats night, clues to which were only given to those who signed up in advance. Eventually, Ziv settled in Yanuv and established the “Ma’ashena”, a hospitality house that offers meals Sundays-Thursdays. Occasionally, the Ma’ashena pays tribute to its beginnings and continues the tradition of concept nights. And of course, the mobile smoker continues to hit the road.